elcome to the official Build-A-Bear wiki space!
2953024602_530a5a6a84.jpgHere at our personal workshop, We are working hard and discovering new items,Cheats & codes. Here is our little helper, Heart and she will do some interviews with us.

Hello Heart, Our special guest here today, What is your hardest work you do at the workshop?
Well the hardest thing is descovering codes from youtube because you never know what you are gonna get!
Heart, What is that book you got in your hand?
It is my excersize book, I write codes in there and display them on my youtube page!
Wow! Thats a pretty awesome job! Whats your username so fans here can see you on youtube?
Well my youtube user is XXAlltogetherXX
Awesome! We will check your page later on, The link is http://www.youtube.com/user/XXAlltogetherXX?feature=mhum
Thanks For having me!
DSC01235.JPGNow here at the studio, We have Heart's Assistant, Melissa!
Hello Everybear! We are working hard today, Here at the workshop, Today we are devoloping new codes!
Sounds awesome, Melissa. Who is that speaking on the phone?
Hop! She is my best friend.
So Melissa, What are you planning for the holidays this summer?
We are going to travel finding a bigger workshop in Australia, I simply can't wait!
In the background where are you?
The hallway of our workshop, I got to run now! Heart is calling me!
Ok then see you soon!

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Q. Why do we have this wiki? A. To inform people and have fun! Answered by AnimeDiscussion.
Name=Billy the arcade bear
Suggestion. Don't you think Build-a-bearville should give free memberships to people who are beary kind? That would be a pawesome idea, But the people that payed would be beary sad. Answered by Heart
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Maxine_Clark.jpgWe are delited here today, Having Maxine Clark, The official founder of build a bear in this beary room!
Hello my little furry friend, Its a pleasure to be here!
How do you discribe your company, Should i call you boss?
You can call me what ever you like but describing build a bear comes from the heart, Just like you make your own bear.
Billy the arcade bear, Would love to know when you were born, Can you answer this question?
I sure can! Infact thats what i am here for. I am born March, 6 1949 in Coral Gables, Florida, USA.
Wow, What is it like to be chief executive bear?
Well all i can say is its a childrens joy, That build a bear came to life with over 100,000 Bears sold.
Thanks for coming here Maxine, Its really pawesome to meet you!
2v0jpuc.pngAnd for a gift for you reading this special text, Maxine clark has found a special colouring page for you to print! http://littlescholaracademy.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/bear-coloring-page-5.gif If you like you can send your scanned colouring pages & send them to maybe66@y7mail.com & you could see them here.